Honey Jem Zipper Pouch Packing Machine
  • Honey Jem Zipper Pouch Packing Machine
  • Honey Jem Zipper Pouch Packing Machine
  • Honey Jem Zipper Pouch Packing Machine
  • Honey Jem Zipper Pouch Packing Machine
  • Honey Jem Zipper Pouch Packing Machine
  • Honey Jem Zipper Pouch Packing Machine
  • Honey Jem Zipper Pouch Packing Machine
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Honey Jem Zipper Pouch Packing Machine

Brand Demeng

Product origin Guangdong, China

Delivery time 15 days

Supply capacity 350 set/month

Main performance and structural characteristics:
1. Chinese and English touch screen display, centralized, intuitive and convenient operation.
2. PLC control system, more stable operation, non-stop adjustment of parameters.
3. Ten groups of parameter storage, the replacement of varieties more convenient.
4. Adopting servo motor to pull film, more accurate positioning.
5. Temperature independent PID control, precise temperature control, more suitable for different packaging materials.
6. The packaging method customized, including back sealing, gusseted bag, linking bag, punching and so on.
7. Quiet working environment with low noise.

Honey Jem Zipper Pouch Packing Machine
  • Honey Jem Zipper Pouch Packing Machine160#  


Honey packaging machine




Pneumatic components:

1. Sealing cylinder: Airtac;

2. Other cylinders: Xingchen

3. Vacuum solenoid valve: Airtac;

4. Vacuum pressure gauge (positive/negative) : SMC

5. Trachea, joint, triplet: xingchen, Hengyi; 

Electrical components:

1. PLC: Siemens

2. Display screen (touch screen):  Wenview

3. encoder: Yuanxin

4. Temperature control system: Omron

5. frequency converter: Zhengxuan

6. Switching power supply: Meanwell

7. Button, relay: YiJia

 Model: 160#



Max.10-45 bag/min


Bag-making size



Bag-making type

Pillow bag/pillow gusseted bag/stand-up zipper bag


Filling range



Bag open way

Use automatic suction cup to open bags


Sealing temperature



Air consumption



Total Power/voltage

4KW/380V 50-60HZ


Machine size



Machine weight




Support customization


Different types of filling apparatus are optional to work with the packaging machine, such as multi-head weigher, auger scale, volumetric cup filler, liquid pump etc.And we  have a selection of Coding Machine,Tap,After Vibration,special-shaped cutter,lawer cutter and bag linking device.Also, configuration with different kinds of lifter, working platform and discharge conveyor is preference choice for most of businesses.


1.The machine is suitable for food produxcts of powder.iquid peste and others measurement packing.

2.All the works of bag making measuring. filling.sealign.cutting and cou nting can be done automatically.at the same time.it can also according to the demand of customers printing batch numnber and other functions.

3.The touch screen operation, PLC contro.drive stepper motor t control the bag length. stable performance, easy to adjust and accurate detec:tion.Choose the intelligent temperature controller and PID control to ensure the error range of lemperature controled wilhin 1 degree Cenligrade.

4.Packing malerial: PET/AI/PE.PET/PE an so on.

5.The mair machine adopts stable and reliable microcomputer control chip wilh high preision.

6.Single screen design with touch screen integration, man-machine display interface,easy to operate.

7.Multiple material formula memory storage mode parameters can be set acoording to the need and also can be stored in memory .




jam packaging machine





  Zipper Pouch Packing Machine



Suitable for liquid or semi-fluid products, such as beverages, juice, ketchup detergent, bechamel, mayonnaise and so on bag-given packing.

Honey packaging machine


15 years experience in packaging machinery production. DEMENG packaging machinery established in 2007, a real manufacturer. 

Production volume occupies TOP 1 in Foshan. having eight wholly owned workshops.  

Variety of products. Demeng has 4 finished product lines, including pillow bag wrapping machine, vertical form fill seal machine, horizontal pouch pack machine and heat shrink pack machine. 

Having our own accessories workshops. Demeng started out by producing packing machinery accessories. Up to now, the production of accessories has greatly reduced the cost of production and sales of finished products, and improved the market competitiveness of Demeng and our agents and dealers. 

Having a professional technical team and sales team. Quickly and effectively respond to customer product problems and after-sales service problems, 24/7 online service. 

Support customization and turnkey solution. Tailor-make high-quality equipment according to customers'requirements, capability for complete packaging solutions.


  jam packaging machine


  Zipper Pouch Packing Machine

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Honey packaging machine

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