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  • Packaging machinery industry needs to change the traditional mode to speed up scientific and technological innovation

Packaging machinery industry needs to change the traditional mode to speed up scientific and technological innovation



     With the change of the world from the era of industrial economy to the era of knowledge economy, the mode of production with resources and labor as the main body has been unable to adapt to the development of the existing production enterprises and the market demand, so enterprises need to adopt the advanced automation production equipment with high scientific and technological level to meet the sustainable development of enterprises and the market demand. Therefore, the urgent demand of production enterprises for automatic packaging machinery has been highlighted, but at the same time, the relatively backward development of domestic packaging machinery industry has intensified the contradiction between supply and demand, and finally led to a vicious circle. Although our packaging machinery industry is not waiting for death, only by replacing the traditional mode of blindly introducing and imitating with scientific and technological innovation, keeping close to users and developing independently, can our packaging industry and market develop healthily and catch up with the advanced level of the world as soon as possible.

     International advanced packaging equipment suppliers have entered various production industries in China in a large scale, and are still in the process of expansion, their products with reliable stability, humanized design, high technology content and other characteristics of the conquest of many enterprises. For a brief list, no matter in the dairy giants "Mengniu" and "Yili", beverage giants "Huiyuan" and "Wahaha", or the representative of the daily chemical "Shanghai Jahwa" have introduced a large number of imported automatic packaging production lines, resulting in domestic packaging machinery can only be relegated to the second line or become ancillary supporting facilities. In view of such a situation, we have to ask: where is the gap between the level of China's packaging machinery and the world's advanced level, and how to catch up?

Attach importance to independent research and development

     Analysis from the existing technology level, because our packaging machinery industry started relatively late, there is no good processing technology and supporting industry support, so it has been following the imitation of foreign advanced equipment, lack of independent innovation, many domestic enterprise production equipment or use foreign relatively backward technology. Take the flexible pipe filling machine for daily chemical or pharmaceutical products that we often use as an example, the equipment of many domestic packaging machinery manufacturers is modeled after the medium-low speed equipment of KALIX of Sweden, and the structure frame, filling method and configuration are almost identical with the equipment of KALIX. Under the same use conditions, although can meet the normal production needs, but in the precision, quality and stability of the equipment with foreign equipment or there is an obvious gap.

     At the same time, due to the lack of sufficient attention and investment in research and development and innovation, domestic enterprises are still unable to produce high-speed equipment with a high degree of automation, and also unable to catch up with the innovation progress of foreign manufacturers. Of course, the packaging machinery industry in our country also has many own advantages: First of all, the design idea is flexible like foreign curing, can be designed according to the special needs of different users; Secondly, because the space distance between the company and domestic customers is relatively close, we can use various channels to understand the problems of equipment in actual production, solve them in time, and apply this experience to the research and development of new equipment. Third, the manufacturing and debugging cycle of the equipment is shorter than that of foreign countries, and it has the characteristics of cheap cost and adequate maintenance resources. According to the above advantages, our packaging machinery industry should develop strengths and avoid weaknesses, on the basis of not abandoning the introduction and absorption, fully pay attention to the investment in equipment research and development and innovation, to impress the domestic and international customers with more perfect product series, more intimate design, more sufficient supporting and fine manufacturing.

     Analysis from equipment manufacturing Angle, our packaging machinery processing manufacturing precision is not high, and the appearance design is not beautiful enough. This is specifically manifested in two aspects: on the one hand, the processing precision of the equipment is not enough, on the other hand, the processing technology and level are uneven. For example, for the tablet press, the tightness and consistency of each punch on the entire operating plate will directly affect the weight and quality of the tablets, so the machining accuracy of the mold and the overall coordination of the equipment put forward high manufacturing requirements. At present, the manufacturing and coordination of German Fette and Bosch tablet pressing equipment reflect their meticulous and excellence in manufacturing standards, only such equipment can provide guarantee for product quality. In addition, the appearance of the design is also very important, in the domestic pharmaceutical exhibition we can see, although the performance of some of the same type of domestic equipment has been better than foreign advanced equipment, but the lack of appearance design directly affects the final choice of customers.

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