Market analysis of global packaging machinery industry


     After more than 20 years of development, although a late start, but the Chinese industry has become one of the top ten industries in the machinery industry, and for the rapid development of China's packaging industry to provide an effective guarantee, improve the overall efficiency of social packaging industry. Packaging machinery has also filled the gap in this field in China, basically to meet the needs of the domestic market, some excellent products and manufacturers such as, products have been exported to foreign countries, which is undoubtedly another great progress in China's packaging machinery industry.

     Global demand for packaging machinery is expected to grow at an annual rate of 6%. This speed of development cannot be separated from the proportion of scientific research and development investment of the world packaging industry leaders Germany, the United States, Japan, Italy and other countries. In this field of research and development, China must learn more from foreign countries, and dare to try and fight. China Packaging network on the global packaging machinery industry market analysis statistics, packaging equipment manufacturers mainly concentrated in the United States, Japan, Germany, Italy, China. According to the different geographical location, foreign packaging machinery market demand is different. The import of packaging machinery in the Arab countries in the Middle East tends to choose our domestic equipment, for no other reason, cost-effective. This feature is particularly prominent in Yuanxu's products, the steady growth of market share.

     German packaging machinery and equipment in the leading design, production, technology and other aspects are leading the world industry; China is an important importer of German packaging machinery, especially in the food processing and packaging machinery industry. The main importers of German packaging machinery are the United States, Britain, France, China and Russia. Germany's packaging machinery ranks first in the world with an 85% share. In terms of craft, Yuanxu has been adhering to the German craft spirit, striving for rigor, the pursuit of perfection. Constantly have to learn from packaging machinery's big brother, and also made certain progress.

     The development period of American packaging machinery is very long, which gradually formed an independent and complete packaging machinery system. The variety and output of American products are ranked first in the world. American packaging machinery industry in the 1990s, has maintained a good momentum of development. One of the biggest features is that American Packaging Machinery Company is attached to a large packaging material company, sales are completely dependent on the parent company. It also makes the U.S. an industry favorite. The manufacturing and sales model of Yuanxu's products is also borrowed from the American model, which is called YuAe model.

     Japanese packaging machinery manufacturers are mainly concentrated in small and medium-sized enterprises, at present there are more than 500, in addition, there are more than 250 packaging materials, packaging machinery and related equipment manufacturers, packaging machinery network varieties of nearly 1000 kinds of specifications. Packaging machinery is mainly small and medium-sized single, with small volume, high precision, easy installation, easy operation, high degree of automation. Japan is ahead of the curve in this area. Chinese packaging industry in this area is gradually narrowing the gap with Japan. Yuanxu products are outstanding representatives, easy to operate, accurate and effective, excellent production.

     Italy is the world's fourth largest producer of packaging machinery and the second largest exporter of packaging machinery. Italian packaging machinery has excellent characteristics. In the European Union, the packaging machine industry is more famous in Italy, Britain, France, Greece and Switzerland, and among them, Italy's packaging machine can be said to be the world's first-class, the early 2003, Italy in this industry can be described as twists and turns, then, almost every year to maintain the growth trend, consolidating the packaging industry in the Italian industry in a strong position. China is the main importer of Italian packaging machinery with a high share. Chinese local packaging machinery enterprises also learn some technologies from Italy. The exchanges between the two countries in this industry are increasing day by day. In the market, China and Italy packaging machine game with each other, because the Italian packaging machine positioning for the high-end, so in the low-end market Chinese packaging machine still has a certain advantage, and Chinese packaging machine enterprises, can compete with foreign first-class packaging machine enterprises are not many, Yuan Xu is one of them.




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